in bed
fast asleep
she yields control of her brain
a laughing Hypnos
& The Sandman
then drag her down Memory Lane

at first
the dreamy landscape
is filled with naught but bliss
boyish words of love
as she relives
her first gentle kiss

her past turns
like the pages of a book
& then
the scenery changes
she’s faced with a darker look

by the memory
of the first one who lied
she then falls into
the grave
of the first love who died

photos of faces
she’d thought
beneath the carpet she’d swept
& hateful words
swim in the sea of tears she’d wept

the last
the worst betrayal
that came as such a shock
she struggles
with the demon memory
til released by her buzzing clock

copyright © 2014 KPM

involuntary pic


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