a life of squalor

tis a sordid life they live
in this aging Scottish scheme
where most of the inhabitants
have lost sight of the dream

all the paths are garbage-strewn
graffiti covers the outside walls
cursing children run in packs
angrily kicking old footballs

an idle teen sits in a garden
of dandelions and dying grass
tracing patterns on his arm
with a bit of broken glass

in the filthy flats behind him
9 out of 10 are on the dole
and he wonders if he’ll ever escape
this housing scheme’s black hole

where all the closey’s smell of urine
and nightly drunken slatterns holler
joyless junkies and ex-convicts
living side by side in squalor

the shard of glass is bloody now
he’s exorcised his foolish dream
so up the crumbling stairs he climbs
imprisoned by life in this squalid scheme

copyright © 2011-2014 KPM

alifeofsqualor pic


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