(it all started with the flies)

he hated buzzin’ flies, you see
blamed it on his OCD
he hated germs – flies crawl in shit
so he pulled their wings off, bit by bit

(he liked their struggles)

one day he took a small earthworm
sliced it in half, laughed to see it squirm
beneath a rosebush hid a garter snake
that he battered with a garden rake

(he needed something bigger)

with an old aluminum baseball bat
he beat to death a neighbor’s cat
enjoyin’ the meaty thud thud thud
annoyed by the lack of significant blood

(he’d be doin’ everyone a favor if he)

waylaid the local bully after school one day
enticin’ him with xbox an’ a new game to play
with blank detachment he slit the bully’s throat
buried the body after cleanin’ the xbox remote

(he got away with it)

copyright © 2014 KPM

deviant pic

this folder is empty

as black & empty
as the vastness of space
white & crisp
like new curtains made of lace
hard & heavy
like Sisyphus’ boulder
a fire that
continues to smoulder

like any animal in a trap
like a bad dose of the clap
like weeds grown wild
with all the confusion of
a bullied child

like a closed coal mine
you wait
like clothes dryin’ on a line
like a woman awaiting birth
jes’ hold your head high
an’ remember what you’re worth

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

folderisempty pic

the boy with red laces

I saw a boy this morning
he had red laces in his shoes
his hair was lank & greasy
his right eye had a bruise

he wore a dirty sweatshirt
his jeans had a hole at the knee
& he shivered with the cold
as he shyly glanced at me

though the morning air was chilly
his forehead shone with sweat
as he timidly enquired
if I had a cigarette

I took out my menthol Sterlings
I placed them in his grimy hand
saying, “you can keep ‘em, dude,
‘s okay – I understand.”

he thanked me then he hurried off
this boy with red laces in his shoes
just another fragile human
with a face full of the blues

copyright © 2008-2014 KPM

red laces pic


in da record shop
is where ah wait
chillin’ wit Ricky
near da heatin’ grate
illuminated by
a florescent light
on a cold C-town
winter night
ah’m doin’ what
ah always do:
sittin’ here waitin’ fo’ you
waitin’ waitin’ fo’ you

ah’m trippin’out
on Ricky’s dirty hair
as discordant music
fouls da air
playin’ Tempest,
a borin’ arcade game
while Ricky cracks
his jokes so lame
an’ ah’m doin’ what
ah always do:
sittin’ here waitin’ fo’ you
waitin’ waitin’ fo’ you

Ricky acks me
do ah want some crack
an’ ah say
“naw, my old man’ll be back”
so he goes on an’
fires up dat pipe
its smelly smoke
makes a thin white stripe
meanwhile ah’m doin’ what
ah always do:
sittin’ here waitin’ fo’ you
jes’ waitin’ waitin’ fo’ you

at long las’ yo’ ass
breezes thru da door
yo’ imitation Timbalands
pissin’ snow on da floor
kissin’ me ‘fore you drag me
outa da shop
an’ Ricky yells “y’all wait up!”
but we don’ stop
cuz ah’m done doin’ what
ah always do:
sittin’ ‘round waitin’ fo’ you
waitin’ waitin’ fo’ you

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

340 pic


lemme say a few words
about Narcissus
legend has it he’d live long
if he took no missus
he had a massive mirror
that he kept on a shelf
‘n the townspeople reckoned
dude was in love with hisself

behind his house was a
big ol’ heart-shaped pool
where he’d stare at his
reflection like a dreamy fool
he was plagued by many suitors
of both sexes every day
but he hated their attentions
‘n sent everyone away

folks said he was conceited
everyone thought him vain
never occurred to anyone
that dude might be in pain
Narcissus didn’t love hisself
that really wasn’t the deal
he kept starin’ at hisself
to prove that he was real

Narcissus doubted everything:
people, time ‘n space
this constant sense of unreality
caused him to focus on his face
he heard voices in his head
“you’re not real,” they would insist
so he gazed upon hisself
as reassurance he did exist

‘twas a lonely life
‘n this is how he lived for years
seeking proof of his existence
to the echo of his neighbors’ jeers
unconvinced of his substance
at last the voices led him astray
‘n he drowned in his reflection
there to fade away

copyright © 2014 KPM

narcissus pic

the bonsai tree

it’s just a
tiny little bonsai tree
its branches twisted
(kinda like me)

I saw it in a shop
just last Saturday
an’ so I took it home
seemed it needed a place to stay

it sat amongst the larger trees
it looked forgotten & forlorn
perhaps it even felt like me
a little lost, a bit lovelorn

such a tiny little thing
in a blue ceramic pot
seemed we needed each other
so I took it home, thinkin’ why not?

it’s a tiny little thing
a 5-quid bonsai tree
but sittin’ on my desk
it brings great joy to me

copyright © 2014 KPM

bonsai pic

zygomaticus major & minor

she smiled from day one
her daddy said, “it’s just gas”
“naw, she’s smilin’!” momma beamed
but daddy said, “you’re such an ass”

she smiled when she learned to walk
an’ when she learned to tie her shoe
an’ momma smiled while daddy grimaced
as she grinned an’ grew an’ grew

she smiled her way through school
pleased with every hard-earned A
an’ all her teachers told her,
“that smile often makes my day”

at 19 she fell in love
which really made her smile
he discovered rope at 29
her teeth weren’t seen for quite awhile

decades later, she’s still smilin’
it’s her defense an’ best disguise
an’ no one’s ever noticed
that her smile don’t reach her eyes

copyright © 2014 KPM

zygomaticus pic


there’s a stumble
an unintentioned slip
paranoia has her
in its gleeful grip

the joyous smile
has been wiped from her face
now she struggles to get free
of a mean & murky place

what happened?
why this fall,
her good intentions gone astray?
gone is the delight
she’d hoped to bring to someone’s day

copyright © 2014 KPM

defensive pic

16 dreams

I dreamt I was 16 again
unburdened by weighty thoughts of sin
heart light as a feather
free from care
‘n brave enough
to accept any dare

I dreamt that I was 16 still
with many goals I’d yet to fulfill
believing all mankind was good
a day-dreaming dweller
in my own Norwegian Wood

I dreamt I was 16 once more
when the whole world was an open door
caves ‘n mountains
secret spaces
a curious child
exploring other places

now over 50, my heart remains 16
‘n there is much I’ve learned ‘n seen
life ‘n death
some loss ‘n love
bathed in blessings
from high above

copyright © 2014 KPM

16 dreams pic

as my lover sleeps

last night I dreamt I kissed you
as you lay sleeping by my side
your face reflecting moonlight blue
as into dreams I watched you slide
gentle was the kiss I planted
on your scented silky hair
by your soul I was enchanted
and I said a silent prayer
that your affection I would keep
in my life you would remain
and I should finally cease to weep
joy I would not have to feign

all this I dreamt as I lay against your back
revelling in your arms and the darkness black

copyright © 2014 KPM

asmyloversleeps pic