the lonely little pumpkin

there was once a lonely pumpkin
whose eyes burned bright ‘n wild
he’d been purchased by an old man
who was anything but mild
the old man carved the pumpkin brutally
a truly frightful face he styled
so hideous was this visage
it scared even the bravest child
“woe is me,” the pumpkin sighed
“I’ve no one with whom to play
cuz my face is such a nightmare,
all who gaze on it turn gray
an’ yet my face belies
a heart gentle an’ gay
if only some courageous child
would come an’ sweep me away!”
just then there came a little girl
she wore a mask of scars
with thin limbs pale as moonlight
an’ haunted eyes that shone like stars
“I like your mask,” the pumpkin said
above the noise of passing cars
“’s not a mask,” the girl said sadly
“my parents beat me with iron bars”
“that’s sucks!” the pumpkin gasped
“the pain that you’ve gone through!
I sense we’re kindred spirits –
we’re both outcasts feelin’ blue
I wish that I could somehow help,
but I dunno what to do
surely there’s a special place
for folks like me an’ you”
“maybe,” the child responded
with a deep an’ woeful sigh
“I tried to love my mom an’ daddy,
though they daily make me cry
“let’s just leave,” the pumpkin said
“somewhere there’s joy for you an’ I”
thus the little girl picked up the pumpkin
an’ they vanished with no goodbye
copyright © 2014 KPM

lonely little pumpkin


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