one small voice

I’m deeply troubled by the thought
of people denied seats on planes
such injustice awakens a memory
of the many humans bound by chains

as an honourably discharged vet
who proudly served in the US Army
I’m appalled & aghast by the recent actions
of a ‘President’ immature & smarmy

this man has no compassion
he’s making a vile mockery
of the words of hope engraved
on the Statue of Liberty

my family & friends are in America
varied in their religions & races
& America was founded by immigrants
from vast & far-flung places

at uni I studied all kinds of subjects
falling in love with history
& the current ‘President’s’ rhetoric
smacks of Hitler to me

it’s totally unacceptable
this level of insanity
in what I always thought of as
the home of the brave & land of the free

now I watch that freedom threatened
by a man who would be king
a man who’d destroy Martin’s wish
that we let freedom ring

I’m just an ordinary person
so to you, my words may not matter
an American in Dundee
watching her homeland shatter

but if you’re as worried as I am
then this poem I ask you to share
for refugees & for immigrants
for the downtrodden everywhere

now’s the time to band together
before it is too late
we need to remember God is love
& love will always trump hate

copyright © 2017 KPM


God’s children

we may have different colored skins
but we all commit the same tired sins
our differences can provoke a violent reaction
yet sometimes there is calm interaction

our hopes & dreams are largely the same
but when things go wrong it’s each other we blame
& though we may belong to different nations
we have the same trials & tribulations

we’re all God’s children
though we may sing a different song
we’re all God’s children
we should learn to get along

we all have families, we all work
we all have little things that drive us berserk
we all have things we’re frightened of
we all have people that we love

so it shouldn’t matter what language we speak
or be a competition between the strong & the weak
no man is an island made of granite
we gotta learn to peacefully share this planet

cause we’re all we’re all God’s children
though we may sing a different song
we’re all God’s children
it’s time for us to get along

copyright © 2008-2014 KPM

God's Children


beam me up, Scotty!

jacked-up junkies
dirty drunkies
colleagues that’re ass-lickin’ flunkies

gutted cars
sleazy strip bars
stoners who claim they’ve come from Mars

steamin’ dog shit
damp blobs of spit
men who claim to love you before they hit

beam me up, Scotty
cuz planet Earth is whack
beam me up, Scotty
I’ll never ask you to come back

welfare mommas
baby daddy dramas
kids wanderin’ the streets in threadbare pajamas

teens in detention
workers on suspension
news headlines too awful to mention

street musicians
corrupt politicians
ordinary folk on desperate missions

beam me up, Scotty
I’m drownin’ in fear
beam me up, Scotty
cause I don’t like it here

copyright © 2014 KPM

beammeupscotty pic

an accidental touch from a lonely man

there’s not much light
in the tiny, dusty store
illumination comes
through the propped-open door
but the location’s convenient –
it’s on her way
so she pops in
most every day

the man behind the counter
has a face of dusky stone
every day he’s there
every day he’s all alone
she often idly wonders
what he opens up for
seems like she’s the only one
to ever frequent his store

he follows her round the shop
this might fill her with unease
were it not so obvious
that he’s only trying to please
yet whenever she comes in
be it morning or end of day
he rewards her with a smile
in place of words he’s scared to say

“would you like a paper?
a small cake for after tea?
today crisps are on special –
two bags for 50p”
he smiles as he bags her purchases
a paper & chopped pineapple in a can
his callused fingers brushing
across the back of her hand

she’s startled by the contact
was it deliberate, that touch?
“get a grip,” she tells herself
“sometimes you think too much”
yet that hand feels warm all day
affecting her attention span
that accidental touch
from an old ‘n lonely man

copyright © 2014 KPM

lonelyoldman pic