poet’s dance (in memory of Leonard Cohen 1934-2016)

dance with me, Leonard
for today I’m feelin’ bad
an’ it never bothers you
when I’m morose or sad
never do you question
the negative shit I feel
when I cannot get
my black dog to heel

sing to me, Leonard
demon doubt draws near
you can hold him at bay
with your voice in my hear
those dulcet tones
fill me with hope
any song you wanna sing
helps me to cope

so dance with me, Leonard
cause I feel a bit depressed
listenin’ to your music
will return me to my best
one dance, dear Leonard
one more spin around the floor
before we both depart
through death’s dark door

copyright © 2016 KPM



Bird in flight

at those notes
she can’t help but wonder
what he dreamed of as a child
did thoughts of fame
or adulation
make his heart race, fast ‘n wild?

she likes to think he cared for neither
he’d still be cool
although unknown
ridin’ that dark horse
with his saxophone

at those sounds
her eyes always close
an’ she pretends he’s still alive
makin’ music just for her
as she drinks alone
in a smoke-filled dive

copyright © 2014 KPM

Bird in flight pic

which one’s Pink?

these dudes don’t do valentines or christmas holly
but greed & gloom & melancholy
sweet drownin’ in their ocean wide
doin’ battle with the darker side

these lads don’ walk in sunny fields fulla pretty flowers
preferrin’ instead discordant showers
caterin’ to every unspoken whim
carin’ not if your visage be evil or grim

‘n they’ll assault you
with a thunderous chord
when they’re around
you can’t be bored
their every word designed
to make one think
but kin someone tell me:
which one’s Pink?

these guys could give a shit ‘bout power or shiny cars
isolated aliens takin’ refuge in their scars
super novas in eternal flight
draggin’ me with them thru their dark, astral night

‘n they assault me
with a thunderous chord
when they’re around
I’m nevah lonely or bored
their every word’s designed
to make me think
but kin someone PUH-LEEZE tell me:
which one’s Pink?

copyright © 2010-2014 KPM

which one's Pink pic