wildwind garden

on a little side street
in bonnie Dundee
is a place most folks’ll never see
gotta have an invite to gain entry
to the wondrous wildwind garden

it’s a secret place
hugged by mossy walls
alive with dancing waterfalls
where watches freeze & all time stalls
in the wilderness of wildwind garden

fruit trees groan
with the weight of pears & plums
wildflowers sway as the gardener hums
& everyone takes life just as it comes
in the world of wildwind garden

copyright © 2014 KPM

wildwind garden

August’s end

all the flowers in her garden
have hung their head
cause August has arrived
and its end is a cause for dread

scented lilies & lilac lupins
wear faces full of woe
& the dahlias grow depressed
as autumn winds begin to blow

the foxglove has an attitude
cause they like it when it’s hot
but just now it’s blowin’ a gale
& cold is somethin’ they’ve forgot

in the hanging baskets
lobelia & petunias are entwined
longing for the days
when the sun warmly shined

but the keeper of this garden
is the saddest of them all
for she knows the end of August
heralds the start of fall

for though she loves the autumn colors
she hates the onset of shortened days
for soon snow will slam the windows
with an unforgiving, icy glaze

copyright © 2014 KPM

Our Girl's Garden

the bonsai tree

it’s just a
tiny little bonsai tree
its branches twisted
(kinda like me)

I saw it in a shop
just last Saturday
an’ so I took it home
seemed it needed a place to stay

it sat amongst the larger trees
it looked forgotten & forlorn
perhaps it even felt like me
a little lost, a bit lovelorn

such a tiny little thing
in a blue ceramic pot
seemed we needed each other
so I took it home, thinkin’ why not?

it’s a tiny little thing
a 5-quid bonsai tree
but sittin’ on my desk
it brings great joy to me

copyright © 2014 KPM

bonsai pic

dirty hands

sun’s high
in a sky of an indescribable hue
grass gleams
with diamonds damp
sensual Sunday morning dew

they call
from the garden wall
growing infant vegetation
living only for the moment
of scented inspiration

seagulls howl
at the trowel
that cruelly violates the earth
while the earthworms dance
plump bodies wriggling with mirth

crispy air
sunlight’s glare
head filled with flowery plans
she smiles before dropping to her knees
and happily dirties her hands

copyright © 2014 KPM

dirty hands