lipstick kisses (for my sister Kim)

she’s punch drunk
sittin’ peaceful in the sun
too-much-wine-with-lunch drunk
& the feelin’ is like fun

today the sun is out
black dog’s asleep – she got no blues
sun’s as warm as her mother’s arms
& the mailman brought good news

from afar the letter came
in an envelope of brown
words from a beloved sister
that made her dance around

& the letter was sealed
with kisses of lipstick
memories of home
pierce like an ice pick

but she’s happy
in spite of this
the familiar handwriting
suffusing her with bliss

remembering secrets
they’d tirelessly share
those times her baby sister
would lovingly braid this author’s hair

she hears tiny footsteps following her
remembers teaching her sister to walk
she can hear her sister’s voice
echoes of their every talk

& now she has a letter
sealed with lipstick kisses
she says a prayer for her little sister
as she smiles & reminisces

lipstick kisses on a letter
like their Mother used to do
from one sister to another
lipstick kisses: “I Love You”

copyright © 2017 KPM


the Sylvia Plath syndrome

I get it:
you heard voices in your head
I hear the voices, too
whether awake or lyin’ in bed

did those voices sing to you?
did they sometimes shriek?
my voices are never shy
these bitches are never meek

my voices are relentless
they come from afar
words meant for both of us
inside a shared bell jar

the language of love
with all its contradictions
our youthful past filled
with false predilections

believe me, I get it:
the voices in the head
perhaps I should be worried,
cause they don’t fill me with dread

copyright © 2017 KPM

the man in the rainbow sweater (for my friend DH)

‘twas long ago when I met him
in the wilds of cyberspace
a lucky day for me
right time, right place

for behind the fearsome beard
hid the face of a gentle man
a humanitarian soul
he helps anyone he can

accepting of other cultures
delighting in far-off places
his mind & heart are open
to all people of all races

a generous guy –
with his time he’s not a miser
working through the night
to repair a synthesizer

he loves old tape recorders
mixing boards & amps
a child of sixties love
who danced his way through hippie camps

I’m proud to call him my friend
this cool dude with his rainbow sweater
though miles apart we’re joined
by the hope that that world will get better

copyright © 2017 KPM


a word from your sponsor

We’re four days into this New Year. The sky outside my living room window is grey and heavy with clouds; behind me, outside my kitchen window, the sky above my wee garden is that shade of blue that can only be found in Dundee, with shafts of bright sunlight illuminating the cloud shapes.

The flat is still and clean. I have the TV on for company. My fish swim gaily in their watery home, indifferent to the outside world. In keeping with my love of order, I cleaned the flat thoroughly the day after New Year’s, taking down all the Christmas decorations and storing them in the loft for another year (the tree came down on 30th December in keeping with my culture’s superstition that it is bad luck to leave the tree up into the New Year – if you leave it up, you’ll drag all the bad shit from the old year into the new year with you). I did allow myself two small indulgences: I decided this year to leave the Christmas wreath on my door until Epiphany, and I kept the poinsettia plant my partner gave me, as it’s still perfectly healthy and anyone who knows me knows I love plants.

I feel calm and peaceful…even happy, though I am still unemployed. Somehow, all the angst and anxiety and stress I felt over that situation has magically vanished. I continue to submit applications online, and I have two interviews scheduled over the next two weeks. Most importantly, realising that I have a wealth of skills, I made a huge leap and went into business for myself as a free-lance writer and editor. I have registered the business with HMRC and am joyously looking forward to receiving my first client.

This profound change in attitude and general outlook has been going on for a fortnight now. I don’t know where it came from – perhaps God has granted me His strength and His favour. I only know that I feel an unexplainable joy – I am certain that everything will soon be resolved for the good and for the first time in well over a decade, I am at peace with everything.

I wish all the followers of my blog a Happy New Year. May you all enjoy good health, the absence of monetary worries and much love.

With affection,