known & unknown angels

by known & unknown angels
I live my life surrounded
their ethereal presence
help keep me safe & grounded

before me is Raphael
his healing light shines on me
when my body & soul would sicken
he heals all infirmity

behind me stands mighty Gabriel
granting mercy & consolation
tis his arms I fall into
when I’m beset by desolation

on my right hand is Michael
great Prince of the Seraphim
every day he helps me battle
forces of darkness so evil & grim

on my left hand glows Uriel
holding aloft his fiery sword
teaching me the path of the heart
that I may better love the Lord

just above me hovers Daddy
along with those I loved & lost
known & unknown angels
protecting me at any cost

copyright © 2014 KPM

my garden angel

happens to all of us

almost over night
tiny wrinkles appear
the TV volume gets increased
cause it’s harder now to hear

twinges in your back
when you try to touch your toes
endlessly searchin’ for your keys
as the short term memory goes

all your favorite foods
now give you awful gas
you can scarce go out in public
lest people think you crass

finger joints are swollen
knees begin to creak
walkin’ to the store an’ back
leaves you bedridden for a week

hair starts goin’ gray
or worse, it starts recedin’
medicine cabinet overflows
with all the pills you’re now needin’

varifocals are now required
for numbers on a measuring cup
an’ you can’t sit on the floor
cause it’s too hard to get back up

gone are the days when I was
a sleek an’ sexy mademoiselle
why did no one ever tell me
the agin’ process would be hell!

copyright © 2014 KPM

happenstoallofus pic

Cambridgeshire skies

a smokestack spits into a cloud
a hawk breaks free of the feathered crowd
the tunes in the car is playin’ real loud
an’ we’re singin’ as we cruise down the road

in the Beamer we’re willingly trapped
both seatbelts are securely strapped
I’m starin’ out the window, totally rapt
as we go cruisin’ down the road

October clouds look just like fleece
from the past I’ve found release
an’ a tear forms at the corner of my eye
at my first sight of the Cambridgeshire sky

the air’s filled with a farm-country scent
sunbeams play on the River Trent
an’ we’re feelin’ no discontent
while we’re cruisin’ down the road

the A1 goes on endlessly
each mile a new discovery
an’ my best friend’s next to me
as we go cruisin’ down the road

wind turbines gaily spin
autumn sunshine warms my skin
an’ I’m so happy that I cry
at my first sight of the Cambridgeshire sky

copyright © 2014 KPM

Cambridgeshire skies pic

poem for John

he sees her
& he’s not frightened by what he sees
he unclenches her fist
he holds her hand
til her frozen fingers unfreeze

he sees her
& he’s unfazed by all her scars
he tells her jokes
he makes her laugh
til her dark eyes shine like stars

he sees her
& he’s untroubled by her past
he smiles at her
he cuddles her
til her wariness has passed

he hears her
& he’s not threatened by what he hears
he listens
he remembers
he helps her banish all the bad years

copyright © 2014 KPM

poem for John pic

background music

birthday songs & buzzin’ bees
poppin’ sound of my aging knees
a neighbour callin’ to his wife
the background music to my life

theme songs when my fave films end
non-stop laughter of my best friend
microwave’s obnoxious bell
the background music I know so well

rain on my window late at night
drunken lovers havin’ a fight
soft voice that whispers in my ear
the background music I love to hear

techno, jazz, hip-hop or rock
obscenely loud ticking of my kitchen clock
don’t care about the sound or the cost
without background music I’d be lost

copyright © 2014 KPM

background music pic


in bed
fast asleep
she yields control of her brain
a laughing Hypnos
& The Sandman
then drag her down Memory Lane

at first
the dreamy landscape
is filled with naught but bliss
boyish words of love
as she relives
her first gentle kiss

her past turns
like the pages of a book
& then
the scenery changes
she’s faced with a darker look

by the memory
of the first one who lied
she then falls into
the grave
of the first love who died

photos of faces
she’d thought
beneath the carpet she’d swept
& hateful words
swim in the sea of tears she’d wept

the last
the worst betrayal
that came as such a shock
she struggles
with the demon memory
til released by her buzzing clock

copyright © 2014 KPM

involuntary pic

hotel dreams

‘s a bedraggled building
made of sandstone
where everyone lives
in a room of their own

its occupants have ceased
to hope for anything good
they’ve resigned themselves to dwelling
in this unsound neighborhood

there are car lots an’ pawn shops
gun shops an’ seedy bars
haunts of a sad-faced populace
who failed to grasp the stars

the hotel lobby reeks
of words left unspoken
an’ the porter’s like the elevator
eternally broken

the carpet’s seen better days
the stairwell walls are peeling
a once grand décor
that leaves you cold an’ unfeeling

here no one ever speaks
when they’re passing on the stairs
swamped by separate sorrows
they’ve no thought for other’s cares

the man who lost his fortune
shuns the woman bemoaning her youth
an’ the dragon-chasin’ couple
have invented their own truth

yet visitors are frequent
at the humble hotel dreams
here they find acceptance
in the sound of each other’s screams

copyright © 2014 KPM

hotel dreams pic

the questioning angel

there was once a happy angel
who dwelt on high
in a castle made of clouds
in the star-studded sky
& at every sunrise
when the birds began to sing
the angel would join in
by clapping her wings

she wasn’t bad, this angel
with eyes that shone like jewels
though she often got in trouble
for breaking the Big Guy’s rules
she asked a lotta questions
this laughing little wraith
& this annoyed the Head Angel,
thinking she questioned her faith

the Head Angel complained to the Lord:
“All these questions cause dissension!
She has far too many doubts;
she should be punished with suspension!”
well, the Lord was loath to do this,
but He wanted a little peace
so He gave in to the Head Angel,
& ordered all questions to cease

the little angel was grieved, & asked:
“Why do you do this, Lord?
If I don’t question, I won’t learn –
‘s if you’ve slain me with a sword!
I love all the gifts you’ve given me,
most especially Free Will,
I mean no harm with my questions,
& I love you deeply still!”

“Sometimes,” the Big Guy pondered
“Responding to you is a weighty task.
For though I love you also,
there’re some questions you should not ask.”
“I can deal with that,” the angel said,
humbly bowing her head
& she never asked another question –
she wrote them all down instead

copyright © 2014 KPM

questioning angel pic

crystalline dreams

miles above her
in the vastness of space
the Man In The Moon
smiles serenely at her face
singling her out
from the night-time crowds
as Perseus & Andromeda
dance amongst the clouds

miles above her
in God’s holy heaven
Gabriel starts to play his horn
at the stroke of eleven
& the archangel Michael
stretches forth his golden lance
as the cherubim & seraphim
joyously begin to dance

still confined to earth
the Princess Poet smiles
her Chinese calligraphy pen
constructing alphabet aisles
secure in the knowledge
that nothing is what it seems
comforted by glass walls
& crystalline dreams

copyright © 2014 KPM

crystalline dreams pic

does everyone stare?

big & brown
never are they cast down
they stare at me
but what’s to see?

blue & bleary
the wind makes them teary
they stare at me
what do they see?

summer leaf green
some kind, some mean
staring at me
what is it they see?

gray & grim
a small army of them
always starin’ at me
what in hell do they see?

bold & black
their gaze like an attack
just starin’ at me
wish I knew what they see

copyright © 2014 KPM

does everyone stare pic