on the A92

the sun came out
once we hit the A92
light that kicked aside the clouds
suspended in a sky of blue

in rolling fields
sat scattered hay bales
tenement blocks
housing spiders & snails

cottages hug the road
adorned with wild flowers
emerald hills glisten
from an early morning shower

a lone motorcyclist
rides into the wind
along the horizon
turbines lazily spin

so many times
we’ve cruised the A92
so many memories
of me & you

copyright © 2017 KPM

Fairmount Boulevard

she remembers driving down
Fairmount Boulevard
back in the good old days
before her life became so hard

to her office she would go
each & every day
where she’d do the work she loved
in exchange for massive pay

she remembers driving
the way she used to sing
& how the trees on Fairmount Boulevard
would all bloom in the spring

the double-click of the key
as she unlocked her office door
at her desk she did work that mattered
her days were never a bore

she’d drive down Fairmount Boulevard
in summer heat, in winter snow
happy thinking of the job
to which she had to go

16 years later
she has no office key
middle-aged & unemployed
she faces a future she cannot see

no more can she delight
in her manager’s high-fives
down Fairmount Boulevard
she no longer drives

copyright © 2016 KPM