June (elegy for Fletch)

there’s this CD in my CD rack
that you gave to me way way back
we’d play it while we washed our cars
drinkin’ beer & smokin’ weed
sure that life would always give us what we need

your sister was my friend, even though we sometimes fought
& in the middle you were often caught
but in the end it was always okay
& everything was good
cos that was the way we rolled growin’ up in the hood

so much history we had – how can you be dead?
this makes no sense to my heart or my head
yet I know this to be true,
& my life must get along
I must have faith that the Lord will keep me strong

but there’s this CD in my CD rack
that you gave to me way way back
tonight I’m gonna blast it
loud enough to shake the trees
& I’ll cry as I remember the good memories

copyright © 2016 KPM


blue nails

every morning she awakens
eyes crusted with bleariness
opens the bedroom curtains
to a sky of steel dreariness
stomach filled with cramps of dread
as once again she struggles out of bed

neuralgia grips her
uncertainty leaves her wired
weary of the daily struggle,
unbearably sad ‘n desperately tired
would friends & lovers salty tears shed
if they received word that she was dead?

by the black dog’s gleeful bites
her soul has been tossed
a fucked up life of faults ‘n errors
where the wires always get crossed
many mistakes have been made, but the wrongs don’t have to last
if she’d just learn to forgive herself – let yesterday stay in the past

copyright © 2015 KPM

blue nails

summer rain in the garden of Eden

the sky’s the steely gray
of a million slate-covered roofs
kickin’ out the sound
of angry horses hoofs
the owner of the garden
also owns a troubled past
engulfed by this recent storm
she’s convinced the rain will last

is someone cryin’ up in heaven?
their tears a sign it’s time to flee?
who is cryin’ up in heaven,
& are those tears for me?

fat teardrops batter irises
beneath the onslaught their heads are bowed
all the lilies of the valley
have had their spirits cowed
the owner of the garden
has been caught out unawares
salty water stings her eyes
she wonders why she even cares

do angels cry sometimes in heaven?
aren’t angels meant to show naught but glee?
are those really angels cryin’,
& do they weep for me?

the garden’s souls grow dark
as tree branches battle wind
the climbing ivy falls apart
leaves shivering with chagrin
the owner of the garden – scared
is unsure how she’ll cope
but the nectar remains sweet
assistance in her hold on hope

it matters not who cries in heaven
the garden heeds this watery plea
as the garden’s owner whispers,
“you don’t hafta cry for me”

copyright © 2015 KPM

rain in the garden of eden

the love of her life

the love of her life
carried her books
chased her, laughing
along the banks of shallow brooks
gave her the best of
the cereal box toys
an’ let her into the fort
he’d built with the boys

the love of her life
held her hand in the hall
wrote their names in a heart
on his locker wall
defended her when other girls
sought to pick a fight
an’ called her after dinner
every night

the love of her life
proposed at the top of a Ferris wheel
the tiny car rocked
with her delighted squeal
both sets of parents
did approve
an’ soon they settled
into a marital groove

the love of her life
gave her many happy years
children, a home,
smiles, support, tears
his death seemed an
but now she is alone
which she does not want to be

copyright © 2012-2014 KPM

the love of her life


the plaintive songs
of Phoebe Snow
recalls the night
that gave birth to woe

on the pungent smell
of gasoline
wafts the image of a boy
in tattered jeans

with the obnoxious sound
of an engine’s roar
she sees him leaning
against the garage door

the raspy sound
of a dry autumn leaf
brings to the surface
an ancient grief

ice cubes
that clink inside a glass
& she’s again engulfed by pain
she thought would pass

copyright © 2009-2014 KPM


divine intervention

Calliope bestows a lifeline
not one but 26
powers that hide her from Charon
on the banks of the River Styx

the muses stone the black dog
chase the demons from her head
she does not lack for love
as Eros now dwells in her bed

the spirits Lêthê & Hypnos
guard eyes that would weep
they bring water from a river
to ensure her restful sleep

the ruler of the universe
remains watchful on his throne
thus all Olympus rises
to protect one of its own

copyright © 2014 KPM

divine intervention pic

an angel says goodbye (in memoriam for RB)

this morning in the sky
I saw a beautiful rainbow
I followed it with my eyes
as far as its arches did go

its colors were so vibrant
liquid love in every hue
it filled me with a sense of peace
that reminded me of you

and then I got the email
it said that you were gone
yet another grievous heartache
but somehow I’ll carry on

I raise my glass of wine to you
and I smile instead of cry
cause I know this morning’s rainbow
was you telling me goodbye

copyright © 2014 KPM

angel says goodbye pic